The name ‘Fancy Chilli’ is inspired by the spiced up world of CHILLIS which are characterized by their stimulating & dominant taste, promising consistency, captivating aroma, glamorous color & appetizing bite which leaves a divine & completely satisfying after-taste.

Fancy Chilli strives to encapsulate spicy flamboyance with a dash of fashion oomph. With its contemporary mindset and ‘Desi’ heart, it tries to paint the town with true, rich, colorful and varied culture through the array of products it has in its kitty that captures the essence of Indian style with a universal appeal.

Ekta Jain, founder of Fancy Chilli is an avid traveller and a sole believer of her tiny little soul which lies within her ‘not so tiny’ mascot ‘Samba- her beloved Labrador who brings a brand full of saintly love and affection through a passion of collecting creativity, colors, kitsch, fad and vagaries which are clearly reflected in each of her products with a story of their own.

With a pursuit for a passionate trance, she changed her world from the rigid professional career of investment banking to a real playful euphoric world of retail in 2012. To live her fervency of collecting things from all over, she redesigned this hobby into a business by taking up the entrepreneur way and took a plunge catering to an audience with a niche taste and mindset. Her products are for those who are appreciative and experimental, just like her!

Within a span of 4 years, she has created a small bubble of Fancy Chilli which has the warmth and coziness, which is otherwise lost in the glitziness of today’s retail. Today, Fancy Chilli aims at combining all these attributes and bring to you a whole new offering of quirky and off beat goodies with a hint of kitsch. With its uncanny obsession for customer delight, endeavors to bring a whole new world of innovative, exotic, empirical and ‘one of its kind’ articles at unbelievably affordable prices. The combinations range from trendy home décor goods to exotic handicrafts; festive items to fashion apparels & accessories to branded merchandise and unique creations which present under the very own roof of Fancy Chilli.

Fancy Chilli started by participating in major Flea markets in Bangalore, However, there was always a customer connect missing without a physical permanent place of business and hence Fancy Chilli store was inaugurated in March 2013.

Now shopping at Fancy Chilli gets easier with fancychilli.co.in. Fancy Chilli at present has 2 outlets in HSR Layout & Vasanthnagar, Bangalore. Not only it has in its kitty, its own product line, but it also brings various bluesy brands under one roof.

Fancy Chilli is an outlook to Ekta’s love for travel and art.